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Freaking out While Healing... but Like How I Look So Far

So i had my flanks done on wed. and that was not...

so i had my flanks done on wed. and that was not bad at all....I then had my upper and lower abs done yesterday and that was really painful!....then today when i tried to take off my compression garment i got a huge rush of heat like I was gonna pass out.....has that happened to anyone else? it freaked me out and now im scared to take it off to shower. so far even with the swelling I look great....all the fat pockets that stared me in the face after all the working out and eating right is finally gone....as long as recovery goes well I will say it was worth every penny....


Be patient with your results! Best wishes healing!
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According to my post-op instructions, that can happen when you take off the compression garment. You are supposed to take it off sitting down if possible and sit for 5-10 minutes until you are stable then just take your shower and put it back on afterwards. It' just from the blood re-adjusting.
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So I am 11 days out on my flanks and 9 on my belly...

so I am 11 days out on my flanks and 9 on my belly....the pain seems to be less and less every day...but what is upp with the hard lumps? I have read that they are normal after surgery but do they go away completely????anyone know??? I sure hope so....my abs look wavy bc of the hardness...i like the contouring, but I wanna be soft and normal not hard and lumpy.....


i am almost 7 weeks in and i have seen drastic improvements. i am still swollen arovnd the navel section and a little numb. i cant wait to see how i look in another month or so. good luck guys and gals.
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The first time I took off the garmet for a shower (the day after surgery), I had a very hard lump below my navel, it was also large. I kept massaging the area while wearing my garmet and it's gone. I think I over did the massage and even got some minor reddnes one time.
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How are you doing now? Have the lumps and swelling subsided?

If you're still having problems with lumpiness, please post to our Doctor Q&A Forum for some doctor responses. They might be able to help.

Good luck with the rest of your recovery!

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