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This is the second time I have tried a filler. My...

This is the second time I have tried a filler. My lips were swollen, bruised and looked really weird initially. After 6 days it looks fantastic and I am told it will even get better. I have a friend who is a Doctor and has a lot of experience with Botox and Filler so I knew what to expect. If I hadn't known that the horrible way I looked was only temporary I would have freaked out. Previously I had it injected to stop the bags under my eyes. I did it over a year and a half ago and it still looks great! I am in my fourties and have always had bags under my eyes, even in my twenties, until I got the filler. I think I look better now than I did when I was younger - filler is awesome! Dental block is essential for the lips.

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So glad to hear you are loving the way your lips turned out!

Do you mind me asking did you have Juvederm used under your eyes also, or was that a different filler?

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