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I had a face/neck lift and upper and lower bleph...

I had a face/neck lift and upper and lower bleph on Jan 21, 2013. I had severe swelling both eyes and face. I am about two and a half months post op and still have some swelling, but mostly tightness and pulling. Also pin-prick sensations when I touch my face or smile. My ps says it is healing normally, but it seems like the time is excessive. I would not have been able to go out and work until approx 2 months. My eyes still look squinty and swollen and when I read too much they get sore and dry. Anyone else experience this delayed healing? I had to have two revisions on my outer lower lids because of skin splitting toward my cheeks. I still have scarring from that. I had a oculoplast do the blephs and I thought that would avoid problems, but guess complications do occur. I probably would not have done this if I had known how much time and discomfort was involved.

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Hummm. I'm wondering how old you are? I'm 59 and getting surgery next month and I wonder if my age will have anything to do with how fast I heal. Did you take arnica and use arnica cream? I think we all go into this knowing things might not turn out perfect or we might not heal as fast as we'd like. I'm very nervous abou this. I need to be back at work 2 weeks after surgery. I hope things get better for you and thanks for sharing.
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I also had face/neck lift and upper bleph in Nov 2012. It also took me long time to heal as I healed slowly. The first week I experienced some eyes blur but this blur quickly went away. It took me about 2 months for the swelling and bruises to go away completely. One cheek healed faster than the other one . My face is still sensitive to touch, pin pricks sensation . I am 60. My younger girlfriends in the 50 heal faster. I think the older we are , the more time the body needed to heal. But after couple months, you will be fine and you will enjoy your new beautiful face like I do. Hang in there .
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Thanks so much for sharing on RealSelf! It does seem that this sort of recovery is much longer than most people anticipate. There's a thread about that in the forum here.

Please keep us posted as you continue to heal!

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