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Didn't Last Longer Than Two Days - Colorado, CO

I am a smoker with lines around my mouth. My Dr....

I am a smoker with lines around my mouth. My Dr. Said this product would reduce the severity of them, perk up my checks and fill in the bagging under my eyes. I was very pleased with the results on my upper lip. I left the office in horrible pain. I got huge lumps on the inside of my cheeks, and within two days my face just"fell". It looks like the product just dropped into my chin. I am so dissapointed! I didn't expect to be wrinkle free, but I expected improvement, especially for $1,700. I guess this product isn't the right one for me.

Oh no :( Its completely understandable why you would be disappointed with that experience. Have you called the office you had it done at to see what they would say?

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