Switch from Saline to Silicone After 10 Years, Not Happy with Results So Far - Colorado

I got saline implants 10 yrs ago. After nursing...

I got saline implants 10 yrs ago. After nursing three children, gravity, age, and my tissues were thin. I recently switched to silicone and strattice was used since my implants had slidden off my chest and more into my armpits. I downsized from over 400ccs saline to 375 silicone mentor mod plus.

So far, I'm concerned with my results. Has anyone had theirs look similar and they turned out ok? I'm starting to become very concerned.

After seeing my surgeon, I am going to be patient...

After seeing my surgeon, I am going to be patient and give things time before I get concerned. They do look worse on pictures than in real life. I will update with pictures in a few weeks.

I want to add more details so that Dr's on this...

I want to add more details so that Dr's on this site can possibly give me their opinions. I asked in the expert question section, but they wanted more info. My first implants probably displaced because they were too big for me (5'1 99lbs) and because I got pregnant with my first child 4 months after I got them (surprise). I then went on to have 3 more children and nursed them all for at least a year.
My new surgeon took my implants down approx 50 ccs and used strattice because I had bottoming out on bottom and laterally. In my one before pic, I took that in a mirror so my breasts are flipped, but my right nipple has always been larger. I feel my left breast now is droopy and heavy at the base and too high at chest. My right is too high and doesn't even fill lower pocket (I can feel skin where it should be). My PS says they have the illusion of being asymmetrical because I have more breast tissue on my right one by my armpit. However, to me, my left feels heavier and appears larger in clothes. What can a surgeon do to fix this if a revision is needed. I've been wanting a redo for 5 years and I'm sad that they aren't what I expected.

Hi there,

I just read your questions and the answers from doctors. Not sure how long it's been now since your surgery, but it sounds like patience is key (easier said than done, I know).

Please come back in a few weeks and let us know if you're happier with your result.


It's now 3 mos post op. Have appt this week....

It's now 3 mos post op. Have appt this week. Surgeon said he's fix for free if I wanted him too. I'm hoping to avoid surgery so I'm going to wait a few more months to see if the result improves.

Moving your review to our new Strattice section. Please feel free to come back and let others know whether you thought it was worth it.

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I have no reason not to recommend him right now, so far I like and respect him. My surgery was complicated. He is very experienced though, which is probably why I expected a better result.

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