Nose is Crooked Six Months After Surgery (Medellin)

I had rhinoplasty for an "obstruction"...

I had rhinoplasty for an "obstruction" in my right nostril as well as for cosmetic reasons.

The surgeon was family friend, not much pre or post op education. I wish i had used a different doctor.

The pain was very uncomfortable, especially not being able to breathe.

It has been six months since the surgery, and I am noticing that my nose is now slightly crooked to the left side (this was not the case previously) and friends can confirm the crooked nose. Surgery was out of the country. Can this be repaired through taping or some other method?

The two most common causes of a deviation of the nose post op are a deviation of the nasal septum and uneven healing of the osteotomies (the cuts in the bone). Taping will not help at this point. You should wait until 1 year post op and re-consult your surgeon. He/she may need to revise the septum, the osteotomies, or both. This is not uncommon.

Without an in person examination or even photos how can any of us experts answer detailed inquiries. At best the simple answer is NO! You will need revisional nasal surgery, any time from now to a year after the first operation. Taping is a waste of time. Regards
Yes it can be repaired, but you might wait several more months. Taping will do nothing at this point. Radiesse filler can make it look straight and lasts 18 months.
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