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24 Years Old a Mother of a 5 Year Old Boy - Columbia, CO

I have an appointment with Dr. Carlos Lizarazo in...

I have an appointment with Dr. Carlos Lizarazo in Colombia,Cali.
I have seen this doctor website and only a couple of reviews that was written on his website.
I am going to do Lipolipectomia (lipo on back tummy inner thighs
A friend of mine told me that he knew the doctor so i made an appointment with him.

Do any of you know this doctor or know some of his work that he done.

Please advice ASAP (i would really appreciate it)
Good luck finding some info.  Are you willing to share some pre-op pictures while you wait for your surgery date?  Keep us posted on how everything goes and what you find out :)
Everyday i am on the internet to search for info about this doctor. I cannot find any. I think i might change my doctor. I am just looking for the best. Not even on this site i cannot even find anything. It's a little bit scary i guess
It can be hard to find a lot of info for doctors who are not in the U.S.  I would look to see if there is a governing agency in Columbia that doctors have to be certified through and see what you can find about him.

Are you located in Columbia?  


days are closer

So i guess my days are very very near.
I do not feel nervous, i feel calm and relax and excited.
At first i was having nightmares and i kept thinking about what would happen during my surgery. Hahaahhah i thought about dying and had al of these stupid things. But as the days are closer i am feeling very calm.
I talked to the owner of the Recovery house in cali, colombia. Her name is Sra. ALBA DIAZ. There is allot of great reviews about her and Dr Lizarazo recomended me to go and stay with her. Her prices are GREAT!!
She also gave me some great reviews about the Dr. Because she has been working with him for several years now. So there is only 2 months left. The days are moving very fast. I am eating healty and doing fitness these days just to lose some weight. I will post some pictures of myself when it is time to leave.

What do you guys recomend me to take with me while i am going. Like loose clothes baby wipes etc.

And what is good for me to take for my Hemoglobine to get high. Allot of IRON (green) right??
Good luck tomorrow!
Are you still scheduled for surgery next week?  If so- here is a new forum post for everyone who is having liposuction in October- you can meet some other users who are also having lipo in October and be "recovery buddies" since you will all be healing on a similar timeline:

Good luck!!!  Let us know how your surgery goes.
Okk because i also talked to Sra Alba Diaz, she is the owner of a recovery house in Cali. (There is where i am going to stay) She said the doctor is untouchable and he did some great job and she has been working with him for several years now. I will definitely keep you posted. I already got a quotation from him. His prices are GREAT!!
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