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24 Years Old a Mother of a 5 Year Old Boy - Columbia, CO

I have an appointment with Dr. Carlos Lizarazo in...

I have an appointment with Dr. Carlos Lizarazo in Colombia,Cali.
I have seen this doctor website and only a couple of reviews that was written on his website.
I am going to do Lipolipectomia (lipo on back tummy inner thighs
A friend of mine told me that he knew the doctor so i made an appointment with him.

Do any of you know this doctor or know some of his work that he done.

Please advice ASAP (i would really appreciate it)
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Good luck finding some info.  Are you willing to share some pre-op pictures while you wait for your surgery date?  Keep us posted on how everything goes and what you find out :)
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Everyday i am on the internet to search for info about this doctor. I cannot find any. I think i might change my doctor. I am just looking for the best. Not even on this site i cannot even find anything. It's a little bit scary i guess
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It can be hard to find a lot of info for doctors who are not in the U.S.  I would look to see if there is a governing agency in Columbia that doctors have to be certified through and see what you can find about him.

Are you located in Columbia?  

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Ooo ok i get it. No i am from Curacao. Because i've searched for other doctors from Colombia,Cali in Google, i did find allot of reviews from them,except this one. Maybe he is not so famous?? :s
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