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Needed Two Surgeries for a Full Lift - Colombia

This is my second procedure. i had this done...

this is my second procedure. i had this done because i didnt get a full lift the first time, so i went back and got the lollypop scar but i am very happy with the results.

I am worried because i have a purple spot under the areola with soft skin over it. i have read on implant extrusion and i am worried that this is what is happening to me. on the other side of the purple area i had a little tiny blister under the skin as well but it looks like it popped and now it has a tiny scab over it.

Just wanted to thank the doctor for a response,...

Just wanted to thank the doctor for a response, and just wanted to let you know that it was the stitches that were coming out...The lady who did my massages took them out and it healed very quickly! Thanks!

Hey happy to hear everything went well ! I'll be traveling to Cali on the 24th of this month and wondering if you can refer any post op nurses or care givers I'll be getting a breast lift implants and fat transfers ...and I'm still looking for nursing options for after the surgery :/
Alba Diaz. I have info if you want.
I just consulted with 2 MD's in Cali: Dr. Cristian M Claros. Unknown, recommended by a personal friend of his. Revies noon existent. Competitive quote for tummy tuck and sculpting. About $5000 for everything ($5000 savings from USA)Didn't want to do mamoplasty until I recovered from the previous op. Gave me a free consultation. Explained everything in detail. Im still unconvinced about his reason:" My metabolysm will accelerate after the procedure, which will cause further weight loss, and the breast lift will be ruined" Also Checking with Dr Lina Triana. Very well known. Expecting her quote to be higher. However she disagrees with the 1st assesment, and has testimonials to back her up. She says all 3 procedures can be performed the same day, as long as I'm not a bleeder.
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