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After having retainers, a night brace and braces...

After having retainers, a night brace and braces when younger I thought Invisalign would be better. Not so least not yet. The teeth/jaw discomfort is unreal! I was not prepared for this type if severe uncomfortableness. I hope this doesn't happen every two weeks for the next 8 months. I'm not sure I can live on soup for that long! On the bright side...maybe I'll be able to loose a few pounds, since I can't eat while they're in and taking them out feels like I'm ripping my teeth out if my head. Putting the trays back in is not easy either...feels like a vice grip on my jaws. Please tell me this gets better. Thinking of 8 more months at the moment makes me want cry.


Thank you for posting to RealSelf, YoJo!  I went through InvisAlign as well, and for me the pain was also mainly the first day or two, depending on which teeth were being moved.  Now that I'm on retainers, I got through about 3-4 days of pain whenever I have to switch to a new retainer.  But the pain is never extreme, though it is difficult to eat.  Generally, I have to wait several hours before I can chew properly, and that is not an option while you're doing the actual aligners.  Like Donny said, I would definitely talk to my orthodontist if I were experiencing the type of pain you are experiencing.  Let us know how things are going!

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I'm about 7 months into treatment. I have pain for a day after putting in new trays. after that pain goes away. If you're still in pain call your dentist, they shouldn't hurt that much. I'm loving my treatment and my teeth have never looked better
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