Collagen is Still the Best Lip Filler

I had Zyderm bovine collagen injections years ago....

I had Zyderm bovine collagen injections years ago... probably about 1997 or so if I really think about it. Compared to all of the new products on the market now, the collagen beats them all! Mine lasted about 5 months – right in the average results span the company quotes (3-6 months). I am satisfied with this. I went to a plastic surgeon for the collagen injections even though you can go to any other type of doctor. Now even nurses and spa ladies can do other fillers but I trust my PS and pay for this trust. The collagen injections were the least painful of all the fillers I’ve tried since (Radiesse, Restylane, etc). He numbed the area first and then gave me a numbing shot too. Between these two I hardly felt anything, but it did still hurt. There’s no way you can’t feel it. I cried my way through it, especially in my bottom lip. I felt the collagen worked better in my bottom lip. My top lip is the stubborn one and doesn’t seem to respond to much – if anything – I do to it, but the bottom lip was very plump. Some people said it was too big but I loved it! I could finally give all the professional pouters a run for their money even though I’m in my 50s. I say “yes” to collagen but don’t think the others are worth it. Especially Restylane – people have results so far off the map on both ends of the spectrum that it’s a crapshoot what your results will be. I’d much prefer to pay for something I know will work for me.
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I LOVE COLLAGEN TOO! It is the most natural looking filler for lips, and the best for filling scars or depressions. Restylane & Juvederm lips do not move and can be identified easily. Collagen can be so fine tuned- literally a scintilla of a drop can be injected.
I'm glad you had a good experience with collagen. Mine lasted about two weeks before disappearing, not without leaving a zillion little white bumps on the inside of my lips where I was injected. And yes, I had a board certified dermatologist do the procedure, but it doesn't work for everyone.
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