Brazilian Butlift W/ Lipo of my Full Abdomen N Flanks - Post Op

I had this procedure done 10 days ago along with...

i had this procedure done 10 days ago along with lipo of my full abdomen n flanks

my stomach has recovered greatly and so has my left but cheek but my right side is very swollen very hard and HOT to the touch plus its hurts alot more then the left side and im not sure if this is normal? Also when i look at it its all bruised in some areas n red in others which turns pale to the touch some one plese help?
so sorry for the late reply! the pain actually went away 4 days later and i was back at work and partying with in 3 weeks of the procedure with no pain whats so ever! if your thinking of having this done i would say go for it if i had to do it again i would with out a doubt! i dont have any before pix sorry i didnt really wanna c the before as i was so happy and excited with what i look like now! i hope this helps!!! happy holidays to all!! :)
I had this done a little over 20 days ago by a different surgeon. One side is more swollen thn tube other on me too but I don't have the hotness in one more than the other and both sides are equally sore. Call or go see your surgeon. Happy recovery and post pics soon.
Hey girl that agood price?Do you have any before and after pics?IM REALLY CONSIDERING DOING THIS MYSELF AND IM JUST NERVOUS.
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