I Am Very Pleased with Results from Active FX

I had the Active FX procedure performed on my...

I had the Active FX procedure performed on my entire face on December 30th to repair fine lines under my eyes. The doctor recommended the procedure be performed on my entire face to avoid differing skin tone on the rest of the face after the eyes were lasered. I went along with her recommendation.

I am very,very pleased with the results. It is important to anyone who is considering the procedure to be patient.While I saw improvement immediately, my skin tone and texture continue to improve daily.

The only negative to the entire experience was the pain I experienced during the procedure. It was much more painful than I expected even though I was prepped with lots of numbing cream. But after the first night, pain went away.

It is most important for anyone considering the procedure to find a doctor who is experienced and knows the proper settings.


Only time will tell as far as what comes next. 2-1/2 months into this I am very pleased. If nothing else, the procedure bought me ome time until I need a more invasive procedure. So far,my results have been positive. Will try to upload the pictures over the weekend when my niece can help me with it. Thanks for the good wishes.
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I would like to know if you still feel the same way a year from now. I was going to have some type of lazer done-even in the best of hands it seems that the great results only turn to horror as the skin starts to age quickly as time goes by. I wish you the best of course.
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Baltimore Dermatologist

I have been a patient for several years and have never been disappointed. The lines under my eyes were making me crazy. I knew the laser was the way to go to correct the problem, but after reading all the negatives about lasers, I was afraid of something going wrong. After much discussion and consultation with the Doctor I decided to go for it. I will post pictures once I can figure out how to do it..

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