LOVE the Results. Beautiful Skin Plus Cheek Implants

Believe it or not, this was my SECOND CO2 lasering...

Believe it or not, this was my SECOND CO2 lasering as I had the lasering done six years ago. I also had cheek implants added as well. Sure there were some complications but WOW, now nearly four months later and the result is fabulous.

CO2 lasering is not for the faint of heart. My blood pressure shot up to 197 before the surgery since I knew that I would look horrible for at least a month. With both the lasering and implants, my face was SO swollen that I did not recognize myself for a couple of days. Had a Buddha-like face, no features, pretty scarey.

Would I do it again? To look like this................sure. Beautiful, beautiful skin and I am 63. The first lasering six years ago produced a nice result but nothing like this. This is simply amazing.

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I had CO2 lasering done 12 years ago. The results were excellent, however it took over a month for the redness to subside. It was a really long downtime, which is OK if you know that in advance and can plan for it. Also, since I only had the top half of my face done, in later years you can now see a line of demarcation which looks I sat in the sun with sunglasses on. I have permanent white rings under my eyes. Now I'm looking for a treatment to even out my skin tone. There are so many lasers on the market today. It takes a lot of research.
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Good for you! I had it done years ago when I was 24, to remove freckles. This was too harsh a procedure for this particular circumstance, but I was uneducated. However, the results were amazing. My question to you, did it tighten up your skin? If so, to what degree? Thinking of having it again for this reason but it is a rather traumatic recovery period.
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