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Interproximal Reduction...- Romania, RO

Hy my name is marius....i have braces from almost...

hy my name is marius....i have braces from almost 2 years....i put braces 2 years ago brcause i had crowding on my front teeth ...i had wisdom teeth extracted because they 've been impacted....(my orto doesn"t extract premolars ) ...but after 4 mounths she said to put on lower braces to corect my overbite....beacuse i hadn't had money....she silderize my teeth(ipr)....and powerchain after....after 4 mounths....i maked money and i putted lower braces.(and wear elastics i have a crossbite to)....my question is that...because of my IPR...i think i have a smaller mouth and smaller arch widith....what can i do to fix it ?to have a better lip support again....IPR cause that ? tks sorry for my english i will post pictures later
Hi Marius, that's quite a dilemma. Given what you just shared , if your teeth were slenderized-- there is no way that you can make your teeth bigger unless you ask your dentist to put extensions. But that would be weird because your dentist just lessened the size of your teeth. Maybe you can double check with her what her plans are. It helps when you know what the bigger picture is. Also, I do suggest that you ask other dentists too about their opinion as you might be dealing with a quack doctor. Last time I was informed by my dentist, you don't just lessen teeth sizes; permanent teeth should be preserved.

Thanks for sharing your story.  Please remember to add your pictures, we'd love to seem them!

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