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Clots Coming out of Tummy Tuck Incision

My tummy tuck experience was okay. I just feel...

My tummy tuck experience was okay. I just feel that I should've waited some more time as I have low iron. I got the tummy tuck because I had a pouch since a child (a large one) that no matter how much I exercised it never got smaller or went away.

Its almost 5 weeks since my tummy tuck. 2 weeks ago fluid started leaking from my incision (a red watery fluid) which my PS told me was seroma and that it needs to come out, its not harmful, and to wear my binder tighter. Its 2 weeks later and fluid is still coming out more days then before but now I have a small hole (smaller than a dime) under my belly button and yesterday a clot came out.

Please advise. I will say besides this hole the entire incision is healed.

Name not provided

Clinic was exceptional, very advanced, I did not feel like I was in another country

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Wow. that sounds scary. Please go to the doctor and have that hole fixed. I don't think that is normal. Is your doctor board certified? Do you feel as if she is addressing all of your concerns?
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may i ask the doctors name or clinic i travel there tuesday for surgery full tummy tuck
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I am intrigued by the idea of having my surgery in a lower cost vacation destination but the risk makes me apprehensive. How were you able to get comfortable with your decision to book surgery in Dominican Republic? How did you come to select the surgeon/facility that you chose? Would you recommend it? Thanks !
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deff check on the hole. sounds like you might have a stitch the was not absorbed that needs to be taken out and the area aspirated (fluid drawn out by a needle). I had/have many stitched that were not accepted. Once the cause for the internal irritation is resolved the hole may need to be packed with saline moistened gauze until the tissue growns in again. Jusr becareful and don't wait too long especially if the hole is getting bigger or deeper
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Thats crazy...I would make sure my doc knew about it!
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