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So I decided to get mesotherapy of my chin. The...

So I decided to get mesotherapy of my chin. The doctor used 6 syringes and injected the medication in different spots if my neck and along my jawline. The actual procedure wasn't painful but the after effect is horrible. It has now been 24 hours and face is swollen beyond words. It's very tender, and still feels very warm to the touch. I was told the swelling would go down in a few days but I'm still very nervous. I definitely can't see myself leaving the house for a few more days. I will keep you guys posted as more time pass.

don't worry. yr swell will go down after 1 week. meso is all liquid. liquid and inflammation takes time to flush out from your body system

So it has been four days and most of the swelling...

So it has been four days and most of the swelling has went down. I still have areas that are tender to the touch but I still can't tell if this was all worth it. My doctor told me it would be 3-5 times before I really see a difference, so ill keep you guys informed if I decide to do again.

ok..how are things now?


I'm so glad to hear the swelling is going down! Yes, please keep us posted, and I'd love to hear if you notice any changes after the single treatment.

Hi, your doctor is correct in telling u the truth 3 - 5 times before you will see the result. Depending on individual and the degree of fats underneath. Some takes 3 times, some takes 5 times... some lucky people can see result after 1 session. whatever it is, you will see slight improvement on the areas you went thru meso. Good luck
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