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Long Awaited Rhinoplasty - Paris, France

My nose used to be longer and I had a hump. I...

My nose used to be longer and I had a hump. I actually had two surgeries as the one in october 2012 was not very successful. My nose came out twisted and had to be fixed again five months later in February 2013. The doctor was very vague as to why that happened. He said the bone moved while I was asleep in the days following the procedure... He never explained why the cartilage on the left was dented and why he had to place a graft during the revision in February... The staff at the hospital seemed qualified and they were friendly. Nevertheless, the experience was far from what I imagined because of the results. Even now four months after the revision I am still not happy with my new nose as there are irregularities and the doctor is reluctant to explain what they are. He says everything is normal, that's it. But why is my nose protruding more to the left at the top between my eyes and why the catrilage is slightly dented on one side but firm and elevated on the other...


You look gorgeous! It is so straight, this is a great result so far! You look so pretty. Hope you can see it!
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Your four-month post op nose looks good to me. But maybe I can't see what you're referring to in the photo. It wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion if you're concerned.

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If you are not happy and your doctor is not answering your questions, then you should probably consult another surgeon.
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