Bye Bye 11's!

I've been so bothered by these forehead wrinkles...

I've been so bothered by these forehead wrinkles as long as I can remember. Everytime I go to my car and see my reflection as I approach it all I see is my wrinkled forehead. I went with intentions of doing forehead and elevens but chickened out and only did 11's for now. I will do this again!!!!!

Whoa - I love your pictures!! They show such a dramatic change!

I actually think its good that you just had the one area treated to begin with. At least that way you can kind of see what it is like, make sure your body is going to react ok to it, and go from there. I started with just my eyes. There is nothing wrong with a slow start. :)

How many days did it take before you could tell a difference?

Thank you Megan. Today is day 5 and it took until about day 4 to finally start seeing some results. I do oddly stil have some feeling where she injected me. I can still frown too so maybe that will go away more. My husband thinks it is really funny that I try to frown and I cant. I can still feel something though and it is kind of a gnawing feeling on my forehead. I'm glad i didnt do the whole thing too. I will think about it though when this wears off and I will probably do this again at least because i do like it.

When you mention that you still have some feeling, I'm assuming you mean you still have some movement, is that correct? Because your feeling in the area isn't suppose to go away. The area shouldn't feel numb, but like I said I think you mean movement.

Everyone is a little different, and it can take up to a couple weeks to see the full results, so things might soften even more. If not, and you want less movement they can always add a little more. Better they do it that way than give you too much to start with. I'm glad your injector was a bit on the conservative side until he/she knows how your body will react. :)

If your husband is laughing at your inability to frown just stick your tongue out at him!! That'll send the message clearly. ;)


I will do this again as soon as it starts to wear...

I will do this again as soon as it starts to wear off.
It has even helped a tiny bit with the forehead lines not being so prominent.
I did not see any improvement on my eyelids at all.
I am totally disappointed with that and willl not bother to spend the money on it
but only on the 11's.
at $200 sounds like you got 20 units, which is pretty standard for women in the frown area. should last about 3 months.
Megan, for a while there I was still feeling where she iinjected me. though the injections didnt hurt much the after affecct did, like someone banged me in the head and bridge of nose. it did go away and it wasnt bothersome enough to bother me. As for my hubby he still laughs when I try to frown at him. I will stick my tongue out at him next time too, LOL.

how many units did you have jamie?


I am disappointed now because it is wearing off...

I am disappointed now because it is wearing off already. However I am thinking of under eye bags help and going to talk to doctor about it. I am very nervous about trying it though. I will absolutely do the 11`s again and maybe this week even with a shot to the forehead.

jamie27223, have you gone back for more Botox since your first round? Would love to have you post an update if so. :)

In my state a patient has to buy the whole bottle of 50 or 100 units. Oh, my state is Nevada. Your pictures look great. I just had my 11s and crowsfeet done yesterday and hope mine is as good as yours.
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Dr. O'rourke took a lonnnnnng time to answer all my questions and did her best to reassure me. My last question before i went out the door was "I wont go blind will I"? She chuckled and said "no" very kind lady, very sweet and very attententive to my fears. Very good with injection. Had me apply ice BEFORE procedure so minimize bruising which I had none of. I found her in online while doing a search for "botox". she is an eye Dr. and does injections of all sorts as well and has been doing so for 13 years! she is close to my house so I went there.

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