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Does This Tummy Tuck Look Normal to You? - Cleveland, SC

After losing 170 pounds through diet and exercise,...

After losing 170 pounds through diet and exercise, I decided I was ready to have my extra skin taken off, in stages. My fleur De lis tummy tuck was the first thing I had done and now I am afraid to have any more because this looks awful. I have a huge bulge right below my sternum. I get that some swelling is normal but this looks like she didn't take enough skin off and like it is filled with fluid now. Not only that but it hangs over my new belly button. I only had it done 5 days ago, but does this look like I'm going to be happy with it once it's healed? Also, if I have to go in for revisions, do I pay for that? Thank you.
That weight loss is great!! I would give it more timeā€¦and I do not know about revisions. That is probably different for every doctor. If you are concerned, call your doctor and talk about it. I know anytime I had any concerns, I called and talked to someone at my doctor's office and I ALWAYS felt better. Nothing bad ever happened, but I would just get worried about swelling or what the scar looked like. Hang in there and keep us posted!
Congratulations on your weight loss!!! I had my tummy tuck January 31, 2014 in Atlanta I think you should also get a 2nd opinion,but All doctors procedures are different and if you have to go in for revision they may ask you to pay for the anesthesia.
I would seek a 2nd opinion to make sure you are making the right decision
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