Unhappy with rhinoplasty

Its hard not to get emotional with the events that...

Its hard not to get emotional with the events that took place as they have had such a negative impact on me both mentally and physically.

My initial consultation with Dr. Richard Gentile lasted about 3 minutes.
I explained I wanted a Rhinoplasty procedure . He said he could take some of ear cartilage and make the nose better, and remove a small lump as I started to ask some more detailed questions in regards to shape, scars, size, ect I was cut off . Dr.Gentile told me that all this would be discussed in more detail once I had made the Initial Payment of $7800.00 which I paid the very next day. I was told to schedule my Pre Opp appointment and this is where things go wrong for me. I was told they would call me when they had an appointment and I simply got no call from them. I had a surgery date but no appointment to discuss anything about the surgery. I called again and again, until the surgery was the next day and the nurse Rose told me to settle down and that I should come in hour early to speak with Dr. Gentile . I spent the night at the Hotel to make sure i would be early as we live an hour away and what happened was he never showed. Hours went by and i was told that he was running really late and that they had to get me ready for the surgery and stick a needle in my arm and the next thing you know I am OUT COLD. I thought they were putting in the IV so they could knock me out right away when the doctor got their but that was not the case. I wake up the surgery is done. I am mad , I am angry , I am scared, and i cannot talk to Dr. Gentile because he is already in surgery.

I go to the Hotel to heal, and rest and than to visit Dr Gentile for my first appointment and I ask him how could you operate on me without knowing what I wanted, and he yelled , " I gave you a Mans Nose what else could you want" and he left the room while my feet dangled on the table. I was so angry I had to leave, when I came back to have my sutures removed he was still angry with me and removed my sutures so roughly that he tore my nasal flap open. I dont want to talk anymore about this as it hurts talking about it and I have to live with a nose I did not want and a doctor with whom i was afraid to go back to. For the last 4 months i have been alone, my only comfort has been the people on this site that have been supportive and shared their stories and encouraged me, for that I am grateful.

My result is to disturbing to talk about, as i just have to live with it.

What I wish i knew before was the number of lawsuits brought against him in the state of Ohio. Something everyone should check , and I did not , so as many people have pointed out to me , It was my fault.

Youngstown Facial Plastic Surgeon

His website.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Also please don't beast yourself up. I know it's hard I do it too.
I agree with everything you've posted about him and I regret ever going to him. He was the same with me.. Canceled or reschesuled most of my appts.. I'm so sorry that this is still happening to people. I hope he never gets to perform rhino on any one else. I'm very sorry this happened to you. If I can be any support to you, please let me know.
Thank you, I guess my biggest question is where are all the Bad reviews on him, and did you leave a review for him, because if you did not than you really should that would have changed my mind as I came to this site before choosing him and only recently have people started coming forward to tell their story. I did try to sue him but it was to no avail as it was just chalked up to a mistake in judgement and not a medical problem. So please please please post your review of him and telly your story, but I must warn you dont be to emotional or use bad words as it will not get published.
Honestly I didn't post a review because I've been so ashamed. Mad at myself for even going to him and not doing my homework. I'm sorry I haven't posted one. I will. But the bottom line is he was dishonest with me and I trusted him.
So what happened and maybe we can get a revision together as I am not giving up, I know that if we get the right surgeon willing to take the time to do what we need will be happy. I think your ready to share your story or part of it.
I finally posted a review tonight. It will be published in a day or two. I also am flying to California this weekend for a consult. Ill update how that goes
Dr. Gentile only shows 3 Reviews, and mine is not one of them. I am very confused , why does it not show up under his review as that is where I wrote it. ?
I see that, but this review was suppose to be posted under Dr. Richard Gentile and it seems as if it is not posted in the correct spot . When the attorney went to check on the Reviews for Dr. Gentile he said that it was in fact not listed under his name . DId i do something wrong , ?
Had i known he was 55 years old I never would have went to him in the first place but this picture of him is misleading as he looks in his 30's but now that i know how old he is, this explains alot. RUN

In defense of folks in their fifties, you can't blame what happened on his age. There are SCORES of super capable surgeons in their fifties. In fact, a surgeon that age could very well be at the height of his career as far as experience/still being young enough to be well-coordinated and spry goes. We're not talking about a seventy-five or eighty-year-old here.

I'm really sorry for what happened to you. Can you get a revision? I don't understand why they aren't giving you the op report.
Honesty , i think they know something went wrong and they hoped that I would come in a talk with the doctor and not get an attorney as i am sure that is part of it, but now that they charged my credit card I should have those medical reports the attorney wanted. The best advice I can give you is find a surgeon who is not in a rush and wont book a second surgery and is gentile , I cant express how important that is, a ROUGH surgeon like Dr. Gentile will leave you even more bruised and damaged , I watched a surgery on Youtube showing how one surgeon filed down a bump taking his time an another who forced it and the swelling between the two was enormous. Also some surgeons pull the skin back only as far as they need to work and other just Yank it back to give them room so they dont have to deal with it. These our hard things to find out but with a few questions its possible. This site has taught me so much, but a little to late. One thing that bothered me was , how could i be the only patient that was so verbally abused by this doctor and today I found others who also felt abused by him , I have asked them to post their experience on this site..

I'm so sorry you're unhappy with your experience and results, but I appreciate your sharing on RealSelf.

So a couple things have happend since I last wrote my REVIEW of Dr. Richard Gentile. After several nasty phone calls with ROSE I was told the Medical Reports that they charged me $75.00 for were sent to the wrong address. So the whole 30 process had to start over again, and so it did, some time past and the Medical reports I asked for never came an So another call and this time Rose told me she had forgotten all about it , and that several people had quit, this comes as no surprise to me for Dr. Gentile is all but cruel to his staff as I mentioned in my Review which seems to have been removed for some reason. I swear it said that Reviews could not be removed, something smells rotten but what I came to say is that I got the MEDICAL REPORTS and the Attorneys can take a look at this LANDMARK CASE and properly place blame on Dr. Richard Gentile for total negligence.

Hey Coal,

We have not taken down your review. You are, in fact, commenting within it right now.