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In summation: Bahman Guyuron did my original...

In summation: Bahman Guyuron did my original procedure and my revision. The revision was necessary due to his original surgery being so awful. Seeing him was the biggest mistake of my life and I regret it every day. I will need a third surgery, and a lot more money, to fix his mistake.

My story:

I will write a brief review now, then come back later to add the details. Please know that I am using my mom's account, because she was researching doctors prior to my surgery, so our history is under this account.

I came to Bahman Guyuron because he was recommended to me by doctors in my area (I used to live in Birmingham, MI). When I first saw him, I really only needed by turbinates reduced, this was something that an ENT should have done. However, I also felt that I had a slightly bulbous tip and if I already having surgery, then I would have the tip work done too.

I flew all the way to Cleveland to see him because I wanted "the best". He told me what I needed was routine and he would help my breathing by at least 50%, and refine my nose to make it more feminine and match my features. He also told me that he wanted to put in a spreader graft, but he PROMISED me that my nose would not look any wider. He said it would be 1/10 of a millimeter wider, but it would be imperceptible to anyone.

Right after the first surgery, my nose looked wider and it only went downhill from there. My bulbous tip remained, and my breathing was never corrected. I emailed him every few months to help me and he told me to keep taping my nose (up to a year later!). I understood that nothing could be done until one year had passed, as the swelling needed to subside. I was fine with that and wanted to do what was best. One year later I traveled again to Cleveland and he agreed that my nose was not what it should be so he did the revision.

It has been four months since my revision, and every day I want to cry. My nose is a mess. It is twice as wide as it was before I even came to him. He never even requested a follow-up appointment after my last surgery. I have never heard of a surgeon not wanting to review his own work. I barely breathe through my nose and when I do my nostril collapses! There is a photo above.

I do not believe that I can have another surgery, even with a different doctor, because too many surgeries and I’ll look like Michael Jackson. I’m sick to my stomach every day with my decision to trust him. I should have looked at his credentials, such as where he went to school, and not just what kind of TV appearances he had made. Feel free to reach out to me with questions. I hope no one has to go through this awful experience.

As to his bedside manner: The first time I saw the doctor, he was nice and helpful, willing to answer questions. Since my surgeries, he barely spends two minutes (literally) and rolls his eyes if I ask anything at all.

On another note, his office staff is kind. But of course, none of that matters now.

Lastly, I have read reviews that seem almost fake. Like they were posted by a doctor. You should know I am a real person. I am a young woman living in Chicago. Hope this helps you.
I definitely would wait. The mid-vault area tends to narrow over time due to the contractual forces of healing and the negative pressure when you breath. This make take a year or more, but that area will narrow. Structurally, your nose is stronger with the spreader grafts though they can make the bridge wider, as you've noticed. I just wouldn't want you to rush anything. I know it is hard. I lived with a terrible primary result thanks to a couple of surgeons in L.A. who do surgery together. I am sorry you are going through this!
Thanks Kricket, I definitely will not do anything before the one-year mark. The problem is that my nose did not need to be stronger or need spreader grafts. The only issue I had with breathing was turbinates, which I simply should have seen an ENT for. Thanks for your information and comments. Any support helps.
Sorry I had a similar experience with a surgeon putting in spreader grafts without telling me which also made my nose sooo much wider. My nose has also only gotten worse with teh surgeries that I've had. Can I ask who are you seeing in Chacago? I'm interested in a surgeon there as well.

Regret this surgery every day

Just an updated photo. My nose five months after two surgeries with Guyuron. It had a slightly bulbous tip before he did a rhinoplasty then revision. Now the entire thing is twice the size.
Hey guys I don't know if this is active, but I'm a medical student and I've research rhinoplasty docs for years! I really liked dr. Tabbal 8 years ago but was too scared even then with all the claims he gets as being a nose guru. Well now I'm in medical school and my friends in plastic residency all say he is a GOD in the operating room, even their attending a who have their own practices refer to him that way. He doesn't talk much, doesn't really ask you what you want besides what you don't like and he doesn't show off his work, but after all the info and feedback of attending a being like "I'd send my wife to him" I went with it and did it. And really he's amazing it's natural but the best you can be and he fixes what others can't but he doesn't believe in PR and pictures he's above that and at first it's unsettling but then it's like wow he's that good? Would you go to the student or the teacher? Bc he's the teacher who many plastic surgeon residents/fellows want to learn under. I don't know I just feel bad when I got the cast off like many people I was swollen I was in shock and that was ONE day. I can't even imagine what hell your in. For me 2 weeks later and I see his brilliance more and more every day. He's a man of few words but if you give him respect to do his magic, he'll give you his best.
Hi It is really sad to see another person to be victim from that doctor that many doctors claim to be one of the top in Ohio. I had two operation with Guyuron and the results are horrible. I am African and he gave me a white nose, deviated and upturned. To see ur pix u look away better that me. It's been 3yrs and u have no idea hw hard is to live with face like I got from him. Even though I found couple of good surgeon expert in African nose jobs but I am still scared about the next result I could get. My life became horrible and sad. I almost cry everyday, don't go out with friend and don't take pix since my first surgery. Another sad thing is we know that surgeon require to pay all fees before surgery to be performed. But after each procedure that I had with that doctor I received a bill for "extra time " or a balance they forgot to add on my total. Can u imagine that. I was so disappointed on him and it was the biggest mistake I made in my life to let him operate on me. Please If u love Don't even try to consider him
Hi Katherine, sorry you're so unhappy - I can see from your photo "eight months out of revision" that your nose is indeed wide and probably your discontent comes from the fact that it doesn't fit your face as well. Better to have an imperfect delicate nose than a big wide one. It also seems to widen as it goes down. Yes, the nose shape etc isn't bad, but the radix height and the shape is not ideal for a female. And spreader grafts do make the nose widen - maybe he thought that the spreaders would give the "illusion" of a thinner nose (optically) by making it straighter and ridding of the depressed areas but he probably neglected to explain that part fully.
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Dr. Bahman Guyuron negatively impacted my life in a horrible way. He performed my original rhinoplasty and my revision. I am left with a nose that is 50% wider than my original nose, a collapsed nostril, and confidence that has been destroyed.

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