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I have considered breast implants for some years...

I have considered breast implants for some years now. I breast feed my 1st and 2nd children and just know that I had lost alot of breast mass afterwards. I with for my second consult about 2 weeks ago and I feel I'm ready this time.

I am 36yrs old and thought is was to late. I am now excited and nervous at the same time. i have been reading the posts and listening to you ladies has given me hope that i will be okay and fine with my decision.

The doctor informed me that he will use 300-400cc in my procedure which will give me the full C size that I'm looking for. thanks for the motivation and I will keep you posted

Go for the 400!! I'm sure you will be happy! Really with the 80 year old!!? That IS too late, wow!!

Thirty six is not too late, silly girl. There's an 80 year old on RealSelf who just got implants! Thank you for starting your story. Will you be getting saline or silicone?

Here's a list of supplies for recovery. Please keep us posted!

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