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My procedure is Oct 3 2013. I will post before &...

My procedure is Oct 3 2013. I will post before & after pictures. I am 42, 198lbs, 5'5 presurgery. I planned on just getting lipo at first then decided to get a BBL. I am excited, not really nervous. I will be off of work 11 day & I am hoping that will be enough time. I know I wont be able to sit at work when I return but I dont want to use up all my PTO right before the holidays.
I excited to see the results...I'm thinking of having him do my sx. Hope to see pics soon!
I'm hoping everything will go good with your sx.. Can't wait to see your results
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

I love my doctor. I have had other procedures with him in the past but nothing this extensive. I find him to be very honest with outcome I can expect. I am not really interested in a huge butt but I do want a small waist and no back rolls.

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