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Hello everyone, I am considering tattoo removal...

Hello everyone,
I am considering tattoo removal and am just wondering if you think my tattoo will be able to be removed. It is solid black, and I know that density is an issue, so I kinda doubt my results would be very good. What do you think the results would be like? If I do not choose removal, I am getting some things added around the Cross to soften it up.

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Hey there, checking in to see if you started removal or did you decide to add to it?

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Hi, have you started your treatments yet?
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Yes density is an issue but it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the removal. The high density of your tattoo will simply prolong the complete removal. Just think of a tattoo as a "bunch" particles. Your tattoo just has a lot of these particles. Therefore it will take your lymphatic system more time to remove the particles since there are a lot. Since your tattoo is on your upper body and thus there is good circulation, I would consider looking into the new R20 procedure (up to 4 laser passes in 1 session). It will cut your removal time by a bit and the results will come a lot quicker (you will be less disappointed). It is a very new protocol but if done properly it could work. Absolutely, and I repeat absolutely make sure you go to a reputable place if you undergo R20 (and make sure you receive various consultations). Only certain tattoos are a good fit for R20 and since yours is so dense, the swelling could be hard to control and thus lead to hyper-trophic scarring.
Whatever you choose to do, don't worry your tattoo will be removed completely or just about as long as you choose a reputable place and you do not have any preexisting scarring (caused when you got the tattoo).
I am not a laser specialist or own a practice. I just recently (4 months ago) got my first tattoo and ever since I want it removed. I will be starting treatments in September. My tattoo is also very heavily pigmented and is located on my calf. I have learned everything there is to know about tattoo removal and consider my self pretty knowledgeable about it at this point in time.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask.
I'd be more than happy to answer them.

Best Regards,
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I think over time it could be gone, but it might just take a long time. removal could also help lighten it up instead of getting more added to it. Your best bet would be going to a few different consultations and see what they think and ask if they have removed any really dark tattoos.
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