Latisse is a Miracle - Does Exactly What It Says - Cleveland, OH

There is not much to say about latisse - it does...

there is not much to say about latisse - it does exactly what it says! I wish I took before pictures to compare, but my lashes went from short little stubby hairs to long, thick and full. I started to see results in about 3 days, full results at 1.5-2 months.

The brushes that come with it are junk and waste a lot of product, get an eyeliner brush from sephora instead. It works on eyebrows too. I havent had any of the side effects like skin darkening, but keep in mind that it will grow hair anywhere... so be careful where it drips.

Latisse seemed to make my lashes slightly dryer so I use lipocils lash conditioner in the morning which has helped. The positives outweigh the negatives a million times over. I LOVE latisse!!

I have been using Latisse for 6 weeks now. The results are undeniable. WOW! Every day I looked for some signs of growth or difference, none till about week 4. The lash color has not changed and the thickness is not yet too different...but the length is crazy. It is indeed pricey but if you've longed for the sweeping long lashes, this is IT. My dermatologist told me that after the max benefits are achieved, cut back to using it twice a week to maintain the results.
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