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I have decided to get bbl I need it so bad and I...

I have decided to get bbl I need it so bad and I am so insecure.. I have an opportunity to have the surgery done but it has to be as soon as possible.. (Before a family member changes there mind lol) I want the Dr who is known for making the fattest kim k kinda booty… Suggestions??? I also need some info on the process… If I go out of state to get the surgery that would mean I would have to stay there for at least 2 weeks until I can sit on my bum right??? Is hotel and everything included in the 7500.00 I need the low down on how to get this ball rolling asap seeing as how it takes a year to get an appointment… What should I do? Where should I go??? What do I need to know and where do I start.. I feel like my back is getting wider and my butt is getting flatter everyday.. My younger sister walked in on me changing and she didn’t mean to hurt me, but when she saw me undressed she said “ omg why did God give you a pretty face?” its that bad and it holds me back so much in life.. I wore butt pads for awhile… I felt ashamed but attention I got was amazing and the way clothes looked on me was night and day.. Anyways… I would appreciate so suggestions I really want to get it done asap I feel like a whole new chapter in my life will take place and boy do I need it!


The closest doctors to you would be in NY, NJ or Philly. What is more important location, price or availability. Your best bet is to go directly to the doctors sites that you see on here and also see their patients before and after. There is a lot of info on here but you have to look and what you want may not be what someone else wants. The best doctors are booked out until mid 2013, but don't let that discourage you. Pick up the phone and call and ask. Check out Layla, gabay, Francis. IMO the best doctors are south. In ga or fl. The few that are good in the east coast can be pricey. I have not seen any in your area that I would recommend.
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Welcome to RS sis ;)
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Hi RS. Welcome so u need bbl ASAP uh! Well if u willing to travel here in Florida are a lot of Drs most of the ladies are booking with Salama in Miami Aventura so his booked the whole next year. Lol you can try with my Dr Lacerna she's great and the best that she don't use drains. Ill have my bbl on Oct 3 with her. And no the air plane and hotel are not included in all Drs prices. Dr bbl right now $6k I think is a good price for you u will need to stay in a hotel for 8 days but I have a friend next door that can take care of u and also you can stay with her she's unemployed do she need money you will save lot of money. She will take care of me also the Dr place is very close to us about to 6 minutes only. So Hun let me know if I can help you with anything ;)
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I have not choose a provider yet I live in Cleveland, Oh and would like to get info on Drs so I can deside..

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