Mini Tummy Tuck Scheduled for October 7th - Cleveland, OH

Hi! I have been reading entries on this site for a...

Hi! I have been reading entries on this site for a couple of months now. So interesting....I finally decided to add mine since I'm 2 weeks away from surgery. I'm 44 (will be 45 on the 14th) and had a c-section 22 years ago! I've dreamed of a tummy tuck ever since - and I'm finally doing it!! I have extra skin that just will never go away. I'm 5'3" and weigh approx. 130. I've put on some weight over the past couple of years - and it's made my stomach look much worse. Back when I was my thinnest - my stomach was still not flat. So....tummy tuck it is! And my PS says a mini is perfect for me! I can't tell you how excited I am! Had my pre-op with my PS last week. He took pictures and posted them on his computer and used a program to show me what I will (or should) look like afterwards. Very cool!! Tomorrow is Pre-Admission testing at the hospital. After day! I'm really not nervous at all. More excited than anything. I had a breast reduction about 7 years ago - and a smooth recovery. So, hopefully the same will be true with this. We will see.....I will try to post some before pictures soon. Wish me luck!!!

I am 40, and 5 months after my mini-tummy tuck, I LOVE my results. For me it was muscles stretched from pregnancy and extra skin that was just hagnin' out there. I am 5ft 6 in and 125lbs, but no matter what I did that pooch was always with me. Loving my flat tummy, you go girl.
Only 3 more days until your surgery. Best of luck on your big day and your recovery.

Welcome to RealSelf.  I am so glad you joined us and posted your review.

How exciting and your day is coming up quickly.  You will love getting rid of the pooch!  It's really nice to have a flat tummy again.  Keep us up to date and post some before and after pictures if you have them.

I will be watching for your updates:)

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