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I have been overweight my entire life. In May of...

I have been overweight my entire life. In May of 2013 I had the gastric sleeve surgery and have lost 120lbs. (All those scars on my belly are from my laparoscopic sleeve surgery, and then an emergency gallbladder removal six months after).

I like being plus size. My goal is to be a size 16. I am currently a size 20. However, I can get on a size 16 just fine when lifting all my extra belly flub outta the way. :/ This surgery is to improve my shape, and help me achieve the more curvy look that I am after.

So far, I have been beyond impressed with my surgeon. I'm the kind of person who does ALOT of research- and Dr. Leedy stood out in many ways. Very impressed thus far.

I am officially booked for July 10th, only seven weeks away. I CANNOT WAIT!

I have found in my research that many incisions/scars come out crooked and uneven. Yet some beautifully even. I'm a bit OCD, and I'll be quite bothered by an uneven incision. Something to discuss with Dr.Leedy at my Preop in June.

This site and others reviews have helped me so much. So I figured if share my story as well. :)

It's getting close!

About two weeks to go! I'm SO excited! My preop was yesterday and that's when it all started feeling real. Got to ask Dr.Leedy all my questions, he's really great! I did find out that my braline lift and tummy tuck incisions will go all the way around, which I didn't expect. I'll admit, that's not something I loved the idea of. But I want the best possible results, and totally trust my surgeon. I really can't wait!

I'm posting my before pics. I cringe doing this- it's so embarrassing. But many brave gals on this site have done it before me, and I learned a lot from their reviews. So I shall do the same in hopes it will help another full figured gal like me.

I am 5'8" and 268lbs.
I'm having an extended tummy tuck, a braline lift, a breast lift, and lipo where needed just for fine tuning.

This is it!

Well, Thursday morning is surgery! I will post pictures and update you all as soon as I can! Sooooo ready!

I made it!

My six hour surgery took nine hours! But all went great. I did have to stay for two days at the hospital due to my low blood pressure. I have to be honest, this is super painful. But I just got a glimpse of my results, and I am SO happy. I will post more pics later, as I feel up to it!

Day 3

So swollen. But feeling a bit better day by day. Lots of sleeping!

One week post op!

It seems impossible that it's been a week already! The first two days were SO intense. But every day gets better. I'm starting to walk around, with help. Getting outta bed without help is still a no go. Sometimes I can get out of a chair or off the toilet, sometimes there's no way.

From what I can see of my results thus far, I'm pretty happy. I'm so swollen (which has become quite painful) it's hard to really know what my final results will be. My current concerns are the still existing excess skin on the sides of my breast, and my pubic area appears to be uneven. Again, the severity of this is yet to be seen because of how intense the swelling is.

I saw my surgeon today! Got 4 of the six drains removed! Ohhhhhh, it feels so much better! He said everything looks great, and as it should. I will say, my incision looks great. Nice and thin. I'm just hung up on the pubic area being crooked and the remaining excess skin on my side breast. Ugh. But I LOVE my surgeon. My body was quite the challenge, he did an amazing job. Time will tell what may need done.

I will see him in a week,on 7/25. I should then get to have my last two drains removed. Yes!

Putting up some pics from today. Until next week gals!

2 weeks PO

Just went to my two weeks PO appointment today. I'm even more swollen than last week! Ugh. He said it all normal though and looks great. Closer to three months PO things will look more normal.

I'm not thrilled with my breast, I feel the look as though they still need a lift. I told him this today and he didn't seem to agree, but said he would adjust them when I get my implants in January. I also want more of the excess skin removed from my side breast area, and more lift/skin removed from the pubic area- another thing he said can be tweaked.

So the waiting and healing continues. But no doubt he worked miracles! I really love my surgeon. Looking forward to getting these revisions with my implants!

I'm up and moving really well. It's hardest after sitting for any length of time and then trying to get up, but I adjust relatively quickly. Overall, doing great. Back to work in a few days!

3 weeks PO

Well here are my three week post op pics. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but the swelling seems a bit better to me.

I'm still really disappointed in my breast. They look so saggy to me and I still have excess skin on the sides. My nipple shape is a bit off, and don't match each other. I'm still early in the healing, so we shall see how it progresses. I am still so large in the pubic area. I know half of it is swelling. But I think it needs lifted a bit more and perhaps some lipo. Only time will tell. By the three month mark I should know what I'm dealing with.

4 weeks

Not much new. Still swollen, but I think it's getting better. I'll post more in two weeks. Change is slow these days. :) but I'm loving this new body. I'm gonna love it more when I get these breast and side breast revisions.


Feeling down

I am seven and a half weeks post op now. I feel my swelling hasn't improved in quite some time now. I have been doing the elliptical for 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week since three weeks post op. But still... :((((( I actually have several concerns...

1) my surgeon had explained to me that my breast lift was going to be done with the lollipop incision. As you can see, it was not. And while the way he did it made far less scarring, it left me with saggy breast still.

2) my ariolas are different shapes now.

3) the excess skin on my side breast... This is the area that was the most painful to heal from. And the scar looks really bad... I can deal with that- but as you can see from the photos there is still excess tissue there. I think it's also contributing to my sagging breast, along with not enough lift being done.

3) I was told we would be doing lipo on my upper flank area (the rolls on my back right under my bra line lift incision) and no lipo was done at all. I really don't know why. It was even on my bill in the description of services. And as you can see, I need it.

4) my mons pubic area is terrifying, especially from the side. Now this area clearly has some intense swelling going on. But even after that goes away, I really feel the pubic area needs lifted more. I still have loose skin there that I can actually grab and lift/pull.

I will be seeing my surgeon again at my 9 weeks post op. And then once more at the three month post op mark for the final "after" pictures. I will also be having a consult the same day for my breast augmentation. I have ALOT of anxiety about talking to him about all of these issues. I don't in any way want to offend or upset him. I realize my body was a mess and a huge challenge. I'm very grateful for Dr. Leedy, and I wouldn't want any other doctor. He's awesome. But I'm hoping he's willing to work with me and do some revisions on these areas. I spent so much money already, I want to cry thinking I'll have to pay to have all of this fixed. Any suggestions for how to address these issues without coming off like a jerk? I'm really worried, and feeling very discouraged with my results.

Sweet, sweet relief!

So yesterday I got to see my surgeon at 9 weeks post op. It had been since my two week post op since I had seen him (I live 3.5 hours away). He said everything looks great and I'm on track. So that's good to hear.

Even better... I had all that anxiety about certain areas that didn't produce the results expected. Dr. Leedy actually pointed them all out before I did. He's going to lift my nipples a bit more, and remove more skin from my side breast/underarm area which actually is what's causing the majority of my remaining droopy breast. He also addressed my lower abdomen/mons pubic area. He agrees more needs to be removed. So that will be taken care of as well. When he explained why I still needed more removed, it made perfect since and I hadn't even thought of it until he said so. He said that he removes as much as he can but also has to leave enough so that we heal properly and don't have any complications. When he said that, I remembered the scads of tummy tuck horror photos I had seen on the Facebook tummy tuck page where people's incision had come open, gotten infected and taken much longer to heal and leaves bigger scars. Then I was relieved. And more than anything- GRATEFUL FOR MY SURGEON. Seriously, he's the best. He always takes so much time with me. And obviously he is very skilled.

So I will be having all these tweaks done in conjunction with my breast augmentation. I go back end of October to do my final post op and take 'after' photos. I'll also be doing my official consult for the breast augmentation and booking that surgery at that time. I don't plan to do it until spring.

I feel soooooo much better now! Lol

New pic

Just to show where I am at these days... The swelling seems to be mostly gone. I do still have some numbness, and certain little things (like sneezing) will remind me that I had surgery this summer. But overall, I feel great. I'm gonna be on cloud 9 after my breast aug and revisions! Can't wait. Then in time I plan to do my arms and thighs.


Picture posting issues...


this time?

I am having a horrific time getting this silly picture uploaded. Hopefully it works this time!
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

I absolutely love Dr. Leedy! Highly recommend him!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Love the roundness of your butt!!!! I want, I want! Now yo just get through swell hell!. I'm glad I have your pictures to keep me motivated as I heal. I see the doc tomorrow for 1st post op. I sure hope the back drains can come out. Keep it up you gorgeous ball of hotness. Like fine wine, you keep getting better with time!
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You're just too sweet! How are you feeling? Getting around okay?
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I've been having a rough couple of days. My drains are not working. One is leaking terribly, and I feel like the fluid is building up in my belly. Waiting to get in to get the problems rectified. Otherwise everything else is progressing nicely. When the swelling subsides I'm going to have a nice full figured shape. No butt still. May have to buy a little! LOL!
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Get in to that doc about your drains, that's no good. I'm sure he will get to all fixed up. You are just gonna get better and better! I would actually like some more booty too... Lol, maybe after my wallet recovers from this upcoming surgery. Looking forward to watching your progress!
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Yay! All drains are taken out! I will go back Thursday to have belly button stitches taken out and to make sure there is no fluid build up. So much easier to function without the drains. I will post news pics this weekend. That will be my two week PO mark. EXCITED!!!!
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Awesome! Getting my drains out was the most exciting thing ever! So much easier to function! Can you believe it's been two weeks already?
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YES I have the same technical issues..YOU lost lots of inches. Great transformation from your before pic I see those sexy curves now and flatter tummy,Keep up all your hard work exercising. It made your recovery miraculous with such a huge surgery. You healed so well and Dr Leedy removed the perfect amt of skin the first time around.
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Thanks so much. I'm so happy I did it, I'm sure you know! And it's great to be feeling close to normal again:) how have you been? Everything healing well?
  • Reply
Yes feeling really well just a little tight on the abs and the pecs from the implants.I will see Dr Leedy Friday and will post some pics.
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Ha! The frustrations of modern technology...
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Your back looks amazing! I wish my doctor had explained to me how my back was going to be left. I think either my incision needed to go further towards my back or I need the fleur di lei to get rid of my back fat roll. Oh, and I was / am one of the ones who had the complications that you mentioned. lol Glad your doctor agreed with the improvements you are looking for. Looking forward to reading your updates.
  • Reply
Thank you! I has originally asked for the fleur de lis tummy tuck. But considering I may still have children in the future, and my doc said I would have good results with an extended tummy tuck, that's what I went for. Had I done the fleur de lis, I do think I would be happier with my overall shape. I don't really have a waist. Lol. But I'm a pretty happy gal, especially now that I know he's willing to tweak these bothersome areas for me. I just took a look at your review! Ouch! I'm so sorry you had to go through that!!! Looking at the pic of you in your binder though, you look so different! So small! Hopefully you will be healed up soon and get to actually enjoy the new you! Take care, I'll keep up with ya!
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Yes, there's been quite a difference in size. I went from a size 16/18 to now a 6/8! I think that my results are amazing but I also think she took too much and left my drains in for too long, causing the issues that you saw in my review.
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I had 17lbs of excess removed. None of my drains were in for more than two weeks. Do you have a high out put in your drains that whole time?
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She said she removed about 12 lbs but no pics :(. I remember that at one point it was more of a yellow-y output so I thought it was done but the drains stayed in. My second drain was in for 6 weeks if I remember right... well isn't our body healing and doesn't that mean that my body was healing all around that and locking it in there. It hurt so bad when she removed it, worse than the first one which I think was taken out at 4 weeks. Oh, and the 2nd one was only taken out because it wouldn't keep suction because it was exposed in my hole.
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That's crazy. Sounds like they were in way too long causing you more complications.
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I am so happy for you ! YES DR LEEDY is an amazing , gifted plastic surgeon. You will continue your transformation !!!! Keep taking care of yourself like you are :)
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Thanks SO much, Suzy! You're looking fabulous. Hope you're loving the new you!
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Hi Ang.. I am so glad that you have healed so well. Its scary when you know about all the possible complications with wound healing. Yes I am really enjoying the new me esp this week cause I feel like I have my endurance back !
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Right on!!!!!! Can't wait to see new pics. I'm six days away from joining you!!!!!!!
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Six days!!!!! Oh my goodness, can't wait to see your results!
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Great to hear! Now you get to be all excited again in anticipation for your next surgery! Glad that he will correct what you wanted and I can't wait to see your results next spring!
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Thank you! I am excited!
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How is your swelling? I am 1 month post and in the midst of swell hell right now! But I'm dealing....
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I agree with Suzy. You look good, and had a lot done, so give it time. But I do think you should state all of your concerns to your PS. Basically just reiterate exactly what you stated in your writeup above. Good luck, and keep your chin up!
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