23 Year Old Going from A DDD (Possibly E) to A Full C! – Cleveland, OH

Hello Ladies, I started developing at 10 years old...

Hello Ladies, I started developing at 10 years old and my Mom always told me I was going to be big chested ( she was definitely right!) I'm now 23 going on 24 this month and since high school I hated my boobs and always covered them as much as I could a lot of people today can't believe I'm a DDD. I've always had neck back & shoulder pain but within the last 3 years it's worsen. I have indents on my shoulders from my bra and my shoulders sometimes swell my frame is small so I look and feel un proportioned. My surgery is scheduled for May 6th of next month getting nervous but ill post some before pictures.
Hi, I had a breast reduction 5 weeks ago Tuesday at the Cleveland Clinic as well. I also had a tummy tuck too. I am very happy with my results. My right breast is taking a bit longer to heal as I am having some nipple area trouble. But I am very hopeful and following my PS directions closely. I was bigger than a size G because my bra was still to small. I am now a low C and I LOVE IT!!! The way I feel is amazing, it feels as if my shoulders are light as feather...my clothes are so awesome fitting now and I am just really happy with my new "second chance". I am available for any questions and will keep you in prayer.
Well Congrats! I'm happy for you & I hope my reduction turns out good too! I'm very nervous but your comment made me feel a lot better I'm about to post some before pics in a minute... & one question that I can think of right now is what are some things you suggest I do or buy before the surgery and is there anything that you didn't do that you wish you would have to prepare yourself that you might of forgot?

Before Pics

Here are a couple before pics
Actually to tell you the truth, with the exception of what my nipple is going through, my healing for my breast has been painfree and a piece of cake. my left breast is GORGEOUS!! I know my right one will soon follow. I will post a picture of my surgery 3 days post op. I wont post a current pic, because I don't want my experience to become your experience ... you know what I mean. I don't want you to become afraid because of what I am going through. Im gonna be fine so...you just focus on preparing for your time off. Since I got the tummy tuck with it, I definitely didn't take enough time off, I though I would only need 2 weeks....I probably could have used 4. But, I have a lot of help, my husband and 2 sons have been my rock. Do you have help? At least for the first 3 days.
Thank you... You just don't know how much talking to you made me feel a lot better Thank You .. & Yea my boyfriend is going to be with me and when I get the okay to travel I'm going to my moms in North Carolina I took off a month and both my jobs know that if I need more time off they're okay with it
Awesome, it looks like you have everything covered. Just follow your PS direction for recovery. The meds they gave me were GREAT!! As I said before, they kept me pain free. Please keep me posted, I would love to know how your progress is going. I will keep you in my prayers as well!
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I' had my consultation in December of 2013. The staff and doctor was very nice and helpful he measured and took pics and told me he'd right my insurance a letter. In January 2014 I got the call that my insurance approved it and I scheduled my pre op appointment for April 18th and my Surgery is May 6th and I believe my Post op is May 14th

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