Chin Implant and Rhinoplasty Swollen -Cleveland, OH

I had a chin implant and a rhinoplasty done two...

I had a chin implant and a rhinoplasty done two weeks ago. The chin implant was done orally and my rhinoplasty was closed. After I got the bandages off I looked very swollen especially my chin. I did not like how I looked at all it was scary to look in the mirror. Everyday the swelling would go down more and more especially the chin. My chin is numb down the middle from my lip but feels like it's slightly getting better. I know it has only been two weeks and I still feel like I look funny and that my nose is swollen at the tip and that my chin is to big for my face. Also I feel the ends of the chin implant stick out from the jaw bone and make it look like there is a dip in the sides of my face, which is my biggest concern. I have mixed emotions about how I look and sometimes feel a little unhappy. I hope it is just the swelling and that I will look more normal as time passes.

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I can understand why you would be feeling the way you do. It seems its somewhat normal to go through a little depression after a surgery. These Q&A's aren't focused specifically on a chin implant, but still shows that the blues do hit people after a cosmetic treatment:

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