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Never Again! - Cleveland, OH

I had Botox injections 5 weeks ago and I hate the...

I had Botox injections 5 weeks ago and I hate the results! I've tried Botox before but never on my crows feet. Only on my forehead. I had just one shot underneath the outer edge of my bottom lashes. Now when I smile I have major bunching and wrinkles in the inner corner of my eyes. It looks like the Nike swish or like arrows pointing to the inner corners if my eye. I also have cheek ptosis which really ages me! Can anyone give me an idsa of when the wrinkles & bunching might loosen up? And will that loosening help the cheek ptosis?? Help!!

Has anyone had luck using facial exercises to...

Has anyone had luck using facial exercises to reduce cheek ptosis?

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My right side cheek fell and I could not lift my lip enough to smile on one side. It was about 6 months before it looked normal.
It has been since May, it is normal now, only I can see a tiny difference between my right cheek and my left. No one notices it but me and it is usually only in the mornings. Let it wear off, dont stretch the skin. I know it is hard to not try something but time is what it takes to make it better.
I took Choline supplements and didnt smile much.
It will get better i promise
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Thanks for the info. I'm glad you are back to normal now! Do you think facial exercises would help or would they potentially make it worse? I am 10 weeks out, and I am seeing a very slight improvement.
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Also, what are Choline supplements?
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You can get the supplements at any health food store or one that sells vitamins. There is a thread that tells exactly what they do. In a nutshell it helps connect the nerves to the muscle eventually. You can google it and it has lots of info.
I think the facial exercises made it worse in the beginning so I didnt start them again until recently.
I tried everything but the only thing that made it better was time.
Good luck :)
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Hi Cleveland,

Welcome to the Botox community. I've heard wrinkles can form in other areas due to you face using other muscles. You might want to check out our forum post, Botox for Crows Feet Side Effects, there is some great info there. Please keep us updated. 

Thanks so much for the review,


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