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So, I used to be a 40DD, then I lost 100 lbs. I...

So, I used to be a 40DD, then I lost 100 lbs. I am now a 32B. It has its benefits. I like wearing an extra small shirt lol. My husband has always been against implants, but last night he told me to go for it. Now that I got the approval, I am nervous. I am 5'4", 134 lbs, and I am 41 years old. I have small, but still perky boobs. Should I do it? Just hoping for some advise and maybe a good recommendation for a good doctor in the Tampa area who could give me realistic boobs. Am I too old for this? Does anyone know if they lift your belly a bit when they do it? I have heard you can have decrease nipple sensitivity? Thank you in advance for your imput
Thank you so much everyone for the feedback!! I really appreciate the kind words, and the motivation to move forward! I agree...old is a state of mind! I am younger now than in my 30s!! Thank you again! You are wonderful! So glad I found this site!

Absolutely not! I was 40 when I got my implants after breast feeding 3 children as I was flat as a pancake. It's been almost 8 years and I don't regret it all. There are women in their 60's getting implants for various reasons. Feel free to post a photo in the RealSelf Doctor Q&A for some expert feedback. You may be a candidate for a lift along with an implant. Keep us posted and congratulations on your weight loss!

Reply way you're not old! I love in Tampa but going to Miami in August to get breast done...every doctor here in Tampa wanted way to much $ so I've chose coral gables in Miami by Dr Marcelo Ghersi!
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