Jet Lipo + Smart Lipo + BBL Fat Transfer to Buttocks - Clear Lake, TX

I have done plenty of research on this site. It...

I have done plenty of research on this site. It has helped me sooo much. Thanks to all the posters & doctors who drive this site.

I will try to keep this short & sweet, but I do/did have concerns about lipo fat transfer to my butt. I am 5'2'" & weigh approx. 138. I put on a few pounds to get a bit more fat for the transfer. Initally, my doctor ( Dr. Todd Adams, Clear Lake Texas ), thought I only had approx. 250 cc's (each cheek) available. I had my second consultation today & now he feels I may get to 400 cc's per cheek. I have been eating pasta, desserts, cookies, pizza, Mexican food etc. & it has helped me put on the extra pounds I felt I needed.He says " he won't be sure until he actually goes in & starts the lipo treatment.

Overall, I trust & have faith in Dr. Adams. My consultation today firmed up that notion. He made me feel comfortable & really listened to my concerns & goals. Dr. adams was my fourth doctor to consult with, & after my initial meeting, I felt I needed a second one, so he & his staff politely scheduled me again. That helped me make my decision & so I went through my pre-op this morning.

I also am scheduling a breast lift & implant replacement in the fall, if not sooner. I will see how my BBL goes & report back with the outcome.

I will try to post pre0op pics today. Since Dr. Adam's staff had a last minute cancellation, I have my BBL set for Monday at 1:45pm.Wish me Luck!

I will post more pre pics later.

Posted b4 pics after 10lb gain for Jet & Smart...

Posted b4 pics after 10lb gain for Jet & Smart lipo of arms, abdomen, upper abdomen, flanks, thighs,waist, back, inner thighs & outer thighs. Dr. Adam needed as many fat sources as I obliged.

Update with post-op pics & review as soon as I can. Wish me Luck!!

Dr. Todd Adams

I live in Clear Lake & he is in the area. I have had good luck with doctors in my area, so I hopefully have found another.

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Congrats!!!! Is the jet n smart lipo a good type of lipo for fat transfer? I was under the impression that only certain types of lipo resulted in keeping the fat cells alive for the transfer? Just curious...u look great now!! Bet u'll b smokin when ur done!!
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Good luck to you..i have a consultation next month...
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Thanks guys! I'm starting to get a little nervous about Monday's procedure. This isn't my first rodeo ( breast aug. w implants & tummy tuck 5 years ago), so it's natural, but I am preparing myself for bruising & swelling w/ Arnica tablets & lotion. Dr. Adam suggested I take 2 pills by mouth under my tongue the morning of my surgery. From reading other posts, I thought I would have taken it days before my procedure, but he says the morning of, and lotion after my surgery to reduce bruising & swelling. Good to know. Still going to take pre-op pics this weekend. Dr. Adam took some as well, so I will post them very soon. Thanks again for the support!
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I used Dr Adams for my breast aug.. Great doctor but at that time he didn't do BBL, so with him only doing it for 5-6 years how was his work with BBL are you pleased?
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You look amazing already .... Now your going yo look fabulous n hit best of luck to you
And keep us posted take time to do all your review n reading our blogs as well some are very helpful
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congrats on starting your journey, wishing you have a safe surgery...
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