Cleaning Your Invisaligns

I use Polident, or it's store brand equivalent,...

I use Polident, or it's store brand equivalent, every couple of days to clean my Invisaligns - and it works great! There is no need to buy an expensive ultrasonic cleaner. What are you going to do with that afterward?

I have had no pain with my trays and I'm very excited to be having my teeth straightened. They weren't that crooked to begin with, they just bugged me because they could have been better. I'm half way thru the treatment and can see the results already. Dr. {named above} rocks!

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By the way, I use a dental pick to get them out...

By the way, I use a dental pick to get them out.  I bought it in a drug store.  My finger nails are not strong enough to pull them out.  If you use a pick try not to pull your Invisalign out in the same spot every time as it may damage them in that one spot.  And don't forget to use the denture cleaner every couple of days!  It works great and is inexpensive!  Get the minty kind and clean them in the morning before you start your day.  You'll feel better, they won't be as "grody".  Good luck!


hey, how many trays do you have?
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hey i live in that area and was wondering who your doctor was? that price is great! Editor note: Provider information is located above the review for registered users.
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My wife is looking for invisalign and we have been quoted $5000 in Charlotte. I see you are from Durham. Can we get your ortho's name so we can possibly save $3k? I would be greatful.
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Eric Davis, Durham, NC

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