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I had a chemical peel one month after undergoing...

I had a chemical peel one month after undergoing fractional laser treatment with a Palomar laser. I originally had the laser treatment for mild acne scarring and melasma. While the laser broke up some of the melasma on my jawline, it created hyperpigmentation on my temples, and even a few spots on my cheeks and forehead. The medium depth peel I received was a combination of Salicylic 30%, Glycolic 40% to 70%, modified Jessner 14%, Alpha Beta 17%, and Retin A. I experienced a bit of stinging during and immediately after the procedure, but nothing severe like the laser treatment which was quite painful. After, I looked a bit sunburned but at least the redness was even, not like the horrible blotches I had post-laser treatment. By that evening I was bronzing. My skin got very tight and dry over the next 24 hours and started wrinkling between 24 and 48 hours. I looked 20 years older. I started getting tiny flaky patches after 48 hours and by day 3 started peeling here and there. Days 4 and 5 had lots of severe peeling but the skin underneath was smooth and pink. Most of the skin had peeled off by day 5 but I still had some minor peeling and flaky areas through day 8. One area near the corner of my mouth was kind of raw and actually peeled twice. I followed all the post-op instructions to a T and made sure not to pick or peel off any flaking skin.The peel helped even my skin color out after the laser treatment and helped with the acne and milia that appeared post-laser as well. I did not notice that it did anything for fine lines or acne scarring. Overall, I think my skin reacted much better to the peel and I would consider doing a bit stronger peel again before I would ever consider going another round with the laser.


Hi 42YearsYoung... it's great to hear that you had some good results from your chemical peel. I myself had 2 IPLs to rid myself of some fine lines and to make my pores smaller and skin smoother. As a result, I ended up with some hyper pigmentation and the doctor suggested a laser peel to get rid of the brown spotting. After the laser peel, my brown spotting became worse... he did one more touch up IPL saying that that would get rid of the spots... it didn't. Now I have these white spots all over the sides of my face and I'm afraid that it's scarring as a result of the laser. My laser treatment was about 3 1/2 months ago. I'm going to a burn center this Monday to find out if I've been burned or not. If it ends up that I haven't been, I'll ask about your chemical peel. I had the same result as you from the laser... very blotchy redness. I don't think that I'll be going to anymore dermatologists though... only very good certified plastic surgeons from here on out!

Thanks again for the info!

Peace & light

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So sorry to hear about your misfortunes, Rhea. Let me know what the burn center tells you. I certainly hope that your damage isn't permanent.

Hi Rhea,


What did the burn center say?  I have had very similar reactions to laser and IPL treatments.  Hyperpigmentation AND Hypopigmented areas (white scars).  My skin doesn't do well when it comes to being zapped and the heat generated from the laser. 

I have had chemical peels for 18 years - yup. . . started young with glycolics and moved to jessners and tcas.  I swear by them. I never ever should have gone the laser route.  I had really pretty skin until I decided to ride the laser wave. I found myself doing more laser to correct the other laser damage and it became a viscious and expensive cycle.  Now I go for TCAs every three months to slowly repair the damage.  I'm doing 30% now and some 20%.  Once I feel I'm at a good place, I'll stick with the 20%.  You still have to be careful not to overdue what your skin can handle.


Note: TCAs are great for the hyperpigmentation (provided you stay completely out of the sun); however, they only help scars minimally.  Hypopigmentation is almost impossible to fix.  In time (6 months-year), you may get some color back - but the best you can usually do is keep the skin around the white area very light to hide the hypo.


My 2 cents - GFGB  
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