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Excited to Get Botox, Hope Its Enough to Get Rid of These Deep Frown Lines! - Clay, MI

Ive had these lines between the eyes since I was...

Ive had these lines between the eyes since I was in my early 20's, tried photofacial which I really liked but it was expensive! Going to try botox, hoping its enough and I dont need a filler or a brow lift, thinking i eventually will. Really excited to have them not as visible at least every time I look in the mirror!

One week after my botox, still about where I was...

One week after my botox, still about where I was since day 4 when I could see most of the difference. Still have the problem area between the eyes but upper forehead looks great and no lines, not sure what can be done about the remaining line between my eyes, will ask on my follow-up.
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The lighting is much different in my day 4 photo so I will be posting another soon but boy did I see a huge difference today! My forehead is super smooth and the furrow between my eyes has softened tremendously. I can only raise one brow slightly which is neat since ive never been a person who could raise only one eyebrow. Overall im very happy, my entire forehead appears lifted and frown lines are gone.
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Oh, I am excited for you!! My guess is that area will smooth out nicely, and I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes. When is your appointment?

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Megan-I got the botox 2 hours ago, not sure about the results yet, I guess it can take days? Went well so far however! I didnt find it painful at all. I go back in 2 weeks for a check and to get more if its not enough. I will post an after photo in a week, what are your thoughts on botox? A combination of genetics and working outdoors has left me with these frown lines and im hoping its enough to soften them.
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So glad to hear your appointment went well! Its kind of hard to be patient and wait for it to take effect, isn't it?!!

As for my thoughts, I think its great when used in skilled and knowledgeable  hands, and when we realize that even with that we are still taking a risk (just due to it being medication and what not). I've certainly read a ton of sad stories from people who have had it not go well, so I am definitely familiar with both sides. You can read my review if you are curious about my actual experiences with it.

I bet you'll start to notice some changes over the next few days - let me know!! :)

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