Duran Doll Soon Bbl && Breast Augmentation -Dominican Republic, DO

I decided to create this profile cuz I have found...

I decided to create this profile cuz I have found good information and reviews that have helped me soo much in makin dis decisin in my life. I'm 23 mother of 3 boys for most us our bodies are not da same after giving birth. I had always been heavy and I've battled to loose weigh and try so much first until I realize that the only thing that can get me to where I want is this surgery.

About me
I'm 23 Puerto Rican and Ecuadorean
I live in Brooklyn Ny
Procedures are full liposcultute barazilian butt lift and possible breast augmentation.
I am 5,4 and weigh 186lbs

Like most of u I was torn between yily and Duran I received quotes from both. Yily was 5300 and Duran was 5600. I decided to go with Duran cuz I feel she can give me the look I desire.

I schedule for January 7th 2014 with Dra Duran and thinking of staying at soraya recovery house or almonia. I want to tank many lady's for they reviews they have help me so much
Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

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Hope your recovering well. How did the surgery go??
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Hey Girl! My surgery is for January 9th. Did u decide where you are staying for recovery?
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Welcome to R.S. Love !! I'll be in D.R. When ur down there .. Dr.Duran is awesome I spoke to her last night & again today .. I love her ..we're in PHENOMENAL HANDS .  
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