23 Years Old - Dominican Republic

Can anyone recommend a good RH in Dominican...

Can anyone recommend a good RH in Dominican republic and how was your experience?
I will go to DR but I dont have where to stay yet, so I need someone to help me there with my surgery. It will be on August 15 and I need to stay 2 weeks. Im going for a Lipo an a Brazilian butt lift.
I will really apprecciate your help.
xoxo girls
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I will be staying in the Real Recovery Armonia. I don't know how good they are but I did a bit of research and it was between them and Daisy's. The only reason I chose them is because I'm traveling with a friend and they were a bit more accommodating, food was included for my quest and it wasn't at Daisy's. Also, the massages were a bit cheaper. Regardless, they seem on top of their game. Good luck with finding a RH if you haven't already.
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Yeah I'm staying at the same one as you , recovery Armonia . When are you having surgery && with what surgeon ?
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I'm going to be staying at recovery Armonia I heard they are really good.
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Welcome to RS ! Serenity!!! Ask for Liz ok.enjoy your journey!
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