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I am 47 years old and had my tummytuck and breast...

i am 47 years old and had my tummytuck and breast augmentation on oct. 19th 2010. i am now 15 days post op and i feel great. i could stand up straight after 3 days. i was doing laundry and going up and down stairs 6 days post op!!i would like to say that prior to having my surgery i was working out 3 days a week,(weight lifting and some cardio)so i do feel that being physically fit helps you in the healing process.. i can honestly say the most draw back for me is wearing the surgical garment(mainly @ night) it was so worth it!!!


What a speedy recovery. That's fabulous!

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Congratulations on your excellent results.  Glad to hear you had such a positive experience and are happy.  Yes being in good shape prior to surgery does help in the recovery period.  Are you comfortable posting before and after pictures? 

Let us know how you are doing as you continue to heal.
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