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10 Days Post Op with Skin Necrosis;( Hoping It Can Only Get Better! -Cincinnati, OH

I had a TT and breast augmentation 10 days ago. My...

I had a TT and breast augmentation 10 days ago. My breasts are just fine but a few days after surgery I noticed very dark skin under my belly button and some on the incision line.

I am very fit, Non-smoker and the hardest part is thinking about the longer recovery because I have 8 month old triplets & a 2 1/2 year old. I have a lot of help but really feel like I should have listened to my heart right before the operation I told my husband 'I don't think I should do this'! Ah hind sight!

I have been to the PS 4x in the last week just for him to watch it. I would love to know if there's any options besides 'watching it'. Should it debibed? Should I start Regranex? I need to heal as fast as possible to become a full time Mommy again! Verdict is definitely still out if this was worth the money and time!

The one thing you can't do is rush the healing process.  These things take time and your body will heal at it's own pace.  Try to focus on good diet, no stress and getting plenty of rest.  

The most critical time of the healing process is the first 6 weeks so hang on girlie.

If you stress over this your body will fight you back and hard!

This is not something you can speed up to fit your schedule. You need to watch for now and see which areas will recover and which will not. This gives time for the tissues under the skin to heal as well. Be patient and it will be fine, and probably will not slow your recover.
Good luck to you!
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