Radiesse in NLF and Marionette Lines- Cincinnati

I had Radiesse dermal filler injected a couple of...

I had Radiesse dermal filler injected a couple of days ago in NLF and ML areas. My Dr mixed the injection with a numbing agent, which I've heard reduces the life of the product, but I guess time will tell.

But the spa was having a half off sale on Radiesse so the one shot I needed was only $325 (orginially $650)and since it was my first and if it doesn't last then my lesson was learned at a substantially reduced price.

I was really red and swelling immediatly after the injection and remained slightly swollen and red for a day or two. I now only have one small bruise along the jaw line which I can cover with makeup. I wanted restylene injected in my eye area but the Dr said I was not a good candidate for it and would be much happier trying Obgai Elestiderm before I considered additional procedures.

I orginally had a consult with a very well know female PS in Cincinnati who quoted over $3000 worth of dermal filler shots..two in NLF and ML, and one split between the eye areas. I am very happy with the ONE shot I needed and feel one and a half on each side that was recommended would have been way to much.

I really appreciated Dr's pateince and time in explaining why I was and was not a good canidate for certain fillers in specific areas.

I had my first injection done today. My Dr. injected me first with zylocane and immediately with Radiesse. I was told to just have a regular day and ice if needed. It was the strangest feeling for me. I felt pain/pressure going up my nose to between my eyes.It was a scarry feeling which I had never felt before. Each time I went to my car from shopping I laid in the car with an ice pack, to be sure everything was going to be alright. The swelling shocked my family. I had a round swelling on the inside of my mouth on one side which I massaged, a line of swelling going up the sides of my nose and the skin under my nose is swollen. I think I look like a cat. Next time for me, I will drive the 1.5 hour right back home and not stay in the city.
I must say your post is a great recommendation for Radiesse. But the amounts used to the cost to me do not make sense. It sounds like you had only 0.3 cc's total or may be double that amount. but the pricing of $650 leaves almost $0 profit for the doc or center. Please explain. We need to know the amount in cc's injected in total and what you paid. Remember there is a fixed cost for Radiesse whether in a 0.3 cc syringe or the 1.3 cc syringe. Regards and look forward to your answer.
Dr Meyers at Identity Spa

She took the time to explain what would be good choices for my facial structure and why.

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