My 50th B'day Present to Myself - Cincinnati, OH

My TT is scheduled for 11/11. I've been wanting...

My TT is scheduled for 11/11. I've been wanting one for years, and since I just turned 50, it's my present to myself. I know that recovery will be a bear but know that I can get through it. I've read just about everything I can. Now just waiting for the day, exercising, eating right, trying to research out how to help my recovery.
best of luck fellow Ohio girl, I waited till I was 55 and love it, you will also.  I would try to eat clean, stay away from processed food, take vitamins, eat protein, not a lot of sugar and you should be fine, do not try to do anything too soon and listen to doc and that will really help your recovery. I had mine done on my 55th birthday !
Hey mine is my 50 th present too!!!!

You go girl!!   This is a wonderful 50th birthday present.  

Excited for you.

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