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Five years ago my Dentist suggested Lumineers...

Five years ago my Dentist suggested Lumineers because I was 58 years old and the edges of my teeth had worn to the point I was having issues biting into certain foods.

I am convinced it was a major mistake. I've had 3 of them fall off, especially bad when you are out of town, as I am now.

I'm very paranoid about the food I eat, wear a night guard
and waiting for the next one to fall off.

Also, they are advertised as pain free installation and that is completely false in my experience.

Do not waste your money and wish I had never heard the word Lumineer.
After getting the lumineers, I was warned about the problems they cause from other Dentists I know personally, it was to late.


As a dentist I can tell u that this bad experience is due to ur other problem- tooth wear. To escape this situation u need to have full diagnostic of ur mastication muscles and para functional habbit, need to examin temporomandibular joint and also u might need to increase ur bite in general. Then u need back teeth to be covered by metal ceramic crowns- they will hold the bite and no excessive load will be on anterior teeth. Ur dentist was interested in money and he didnt take into consideration all ur mouth health state. Sorry for this. It happens.
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What a very unfortunate experience. :-/ Do you know if your teeth were prepped (shaved down) before the Lumineers were placed?

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