Having Labiaplasty And Smartlipo Done February 23rd and I Am Sooooo Nervous! - Cincinnati, OH

I am 24 years old and have struggled with the...

I am 24 years old and have struggled with the embarrassment of this problem since i have been a pre teen. It is extremely uncomfortable and makes me sad to even look at. I have never had a sexual partner who has ever commented in a negative way but honestly i think i have hid my lower body since puberty.i am excited to see the difference but like i said i am extremely nervous.

there are not very many reviews for labiaplasty on here so im not at all sure what to expect. I feel the same way about the smartlipo. there seem to be to be a lot of mixed reviews on here about smart lipo. i am only having it done on my mons pubis and lower abdomen.

i am very scared and nervous for both procedures and they are only a week away, i think i am more scared about feeling something during the surgery. Also, how i will feel afterwards. any advice would be appreciated.


Hi, I just wanted to see how your procedure went. I've been wanting to get lipo of the mons pubis done myself. I'm interested in finding out about your experience. Hope all is well. Thanks.
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How are you doing now? Are you mostly healed? What was the recovery like? Thinking of you and hoping you were able to get the results you hoped for!

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I'v never had labiaplasty but I have had surgery. cosmetic and otherwise. It's normal to feel nervous. I'm sure your surgery will go well and that you will be ecstatic about the results. I'v never heard anything negative about labiaplasty. You will feel a lot better after the surgery day comes and goes. It's almost over, and statistically speaking you will be fine!
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