Upper Bleph Skin Folds Post Op

Virtually painfree. Easy surgery. Think I will...

Virtually painfree. Easy surgery. Think I will like the results. Dr. made me feel very comfortable and he came highly recommended. I hope to improve the excessive skin on the eylid that was aging me.

I just had a bi-lateral upper bleph just 5 days ago to correct sagging skin with one eye a little worse. Healing nicely; however, i am noticing the one eye still has a lot of skin folds. Is it too early to tell if I will always have this? Do these folds go away as the healing progresses?


Since the upper bleph I am noticing some signs that my lower lids might need to be done. I have begun wearing contacts instead of glasses and so my lower lids are right 'out there' and bothering me. I am just not sure if it is enough to warrant surgery at this time. Yes , my right eyelid is still a bit more droopy than the left. I may want to spend my money on having lasix instead. Contacts are great but to have my vision totally corrected would be a blast!~
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did the folds ever disappear? I had the same concerns after my bleph surgery. It has been 3 month and I have noticible folds on my lower lids.
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I also notice some skin over the incision line from my upper bleph , more on the eye that was the droopiest. I have decided I would wait for my 6 month checkup before asking my physician to trim away that excess skin just in case it will go away as it heals totally. As much as I hate the thought of doing it again , I do want it to be perfect. Keep us posted on your results ! Kat :)
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very professional and patiently answered a million questions before I decided

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