Weeding Through to the Truth of Dermarolling - Cincinnati, OH

Ok, I've heard this and that, "oh derma rollers...

Ok, I've heard this and that, "oh derma rollers are ineffective on acne scars or pigmentation, thus it isn't worth the money" and people shouting that it's the best thing to ever do. is there a simple sure shot procedure that can induce effective results for pitted and/or acne prone sensitive skin? And besides lasers I've seen absolutely devastating results from those on sensitive gentle skin cells.
Hi in Cincinnati OH - I feel so grateful someone told me about dermarolling and then I found a site that helped educate me, that it is my pleasure to help others. First of all, I, too have sensitive/ rosacea/pigmented skin and I suffered acne as an adult, so my quest was desperate at one time! The truth is that many things can help, but you'll have to be the final decision maker. You don't have to do everything I've listed , but you do have to know where your skin is to start, i.e., if it's still breaking out, you might have to clear it up first then look at rolling. First, exfoliate two ways (peels and microdermabrasion) to get your skin to take in effective products, otherwise good products go into skin that should be sloughed off - waste of $!) Mild peels are a great place to begin - allowing the skin to turn over properly (dead skin cells come off as they should rather than clog pores) that means either a lactic acid peel (probably not gylcolic for your tender skin) or a TCA 1% or 2.5% to begin with - the pH of the peel then becomes important - so unless you're a skin research fanatic or professional, find an esthetician who does either PCA or Environ peels - they'll educate you. Microdermabrasion is also effective for getting your skin surface prepped - again see a well-trained esthetician. Typically you can do 1-3 and this becomes something to do 1-4x year as maintenance depending on your skin. If you have rosacea/skin pigmentation I'd look at IPL (radio wave known as "Intense Pulsed Light" also goes by "FotoFacial" - many different machines do this now). Go to an MDs office - the machines are different than at a spa or medspa. Now we get into the serious area of laser resurfacing which is ONLY done at an MDs office. Fraxel (fractional laser resurfacing) typically takes 3 sessions, leaves a % of good skin intact to heal the skin ablated by the laser. It's very effective but you will typically be "down" (=want to be out of site) for a week after each session (again, depends on your skin's healing ability). CO2 (complete resurfacing) is for extremely poor skin quality (deep sun/acne damage) and where that laser's "edges" are become really important i.e., where the doctor ends lasing can become an obvious line or edge, so you'll want to know how and where the doctor will end. Finally we get to dermarolling. I always tell people to google Dr. Vaughter's rollers - I've got no affiliation with them, I just got an education from them and try to pass it on. Rolling at home is extremely effective - see their protocols. Of course you wouldn't do rolling while doing the other treatments I mention above - but roller can be done before any of these things or after - it's not only a great treatment for specific problems but great for general skin maintenance. Take a look and if you have more questions don't hesitate to reply back to me or email them - good luck!
Welcome, thank you for starting your review, look forward to hearing how your treatment goes on the 25th! Good luck!
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