30 2 Kids - Cincinnati, OH

Always been very busty!! After two children I went...

Always been very busty!! After two children I went to a 42 g. Finding that size difficult, plus my bottom half was so small didn't match at all, caused back neck shoulder issue being a cosmetologist. Second time I was scheduled first time I was very sick and very nervous. I had never been put to sleep so that made me really nervous.
Dr. William abbuaassah

Very nice asked me was I willing to give up my breast for smaller breast with scars? I looked smiled and said yes

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OMG you look amazing!    What a difference this is going to make in your life.
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Well done Ms, you must feel so much better. You look great. :)
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Congrats on your surgery - you look great :-)
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Thx went from a 2 3X to a XL
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