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Hello all :) I'm a 38y mom of 3, ages 21,14, and 8...

Hello all :) I'm a 38y mom of 3, ages 21,14, and 8. I have a consultation coming up Dr Vennemeyer next week and can't wait to see whats recommended for me. I'm hoping to get a breast lift with possible augmentation and Lipo only of the abdomen. I bounced back after pregnancies but four years ago I had my left ovary removed and can't seem to lose the abdominal fat no matter what I do. Also 3 years ago my youngest was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and out of depression, I gained weight but have lost 20 lbs since May and would like to still continue on that journey. So excited it's finally time for me!
Oh I'm so glad you're possibly pulling out your depression and have lost some weight. Congratulations! Glad it's time for you! How exciting you get to do some lipo too. Here are some important questions you'll want to make sure you discuss with your doctor during your consult. Be sure to share some wish boob photos with your doctor and feel free to post them here too in your review. Let us know how the consult goes!

Before Photos

Getting excited and nervous. Consultation is Wednesday and its a two hour drive from me, but no way would I go locally with the lack of expertise available here. Just wanted to update with some before photos.

Consultation Over

Had my consultation this past Wednesday and felt really relaxed and comfortable with the dr and all his staff. Discussed Liposuction of the abdomen, back and upper arms, and will be proceeding with surgery on March 20th. Also discussed a breast lift with implants next 6 months to a year. Getting nervous and excited that it's finally real!

Ordered my Marena support garments

Still anxiously awaiting my surgery date. Starting to get real the more things I plan and getting the preop stuff done. Ordered and received my Marena support garments and they fit but I feel like superman, sucked into his blue outfit. All I need is a cape lol :). Glad I decided to wait on the breast lift since I want to see how my silhouette would change after lipo, don't want to go to big with the implants. Thanks for reading my thoughts! :)

More before photos

Just wanted to add some more before photos.
I see your surgery is this week! Good luck! Can't wait to see the results.
Thank you! Trying not to stress to much and I'll post pics as soon as I can!
Preop appointment this Wednesday, starting to get a little nervous. My before photos will also be at this time. Not looking forward to that. Wish there was a way to move my post to the liposuction but don't know how.

2 days postop

I'm very tired and sore all over, leaking is pretty bad and I have a lot of swelling but I can definitely see a hour glass shape and a flatter stomach! My hubby says I have hips now and my butt looks better too! I'll post pics as soon as I can. :)

Forgot to add

I had a total of 6450 cc s removed!


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