Thrilled with One Breast but More Self Conscious Than Before About the Other

I had breast augmentation in December 2009 to...

I had breast augmentation in December 2009 to address lack of fullness, sagging of left breast and significant asymmetry of nipples. I had silicone implants out in right was done peri-areola and the left breast was lifted by cutting skin around entire areola and then reattaching after implant inserted.

I had no problems at all with recovery, it was a breeze. However now after several months I feel more self conscious about my left breast due to slight double bubble, significant scarring and larger size of areola. It also seems to have dropped a bit lower than the right one. I feel the asymmetry of the nipples was corrected but I was not prepared to exchange it for the asymmetry of the areolas.

I want to look into revision this winter but worry that the left breast will not be able to look like the right which I love the results of.


Hi, I am also in Cincinnati and looking for a GOOD doctor. Who was your doctor? Any help is appreciated.
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Hi- I am dealing with a similar issue...I have 2 children and now have a major loss of fullness that I want corrected and lift but am not sure if I am willing to trade for other issues. I think the fullness of your breasts look GREAT and also very natural, but I can slightly tell what you are talking about. I live near dayton and was wondering if you can tell who your surgeon was? I have had a quote at arrowhead for the same procedure and they want 9,000!
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I went to a well known doctor in Cincinnati...not sure I'd recommend him for a lift now looking back. My original procedure of augmentation on both and a lift on one side cost $7000. I definitely would recommend anyone who needs a lift to look at lots of pictures of lifts by the doctor and pay attention to the detail and precision in the after pics. I only really paid attention to augmentation pictures- my mistake. I know what you mean about price, I am looking into a very qualified and detailed doctor to do revision in San Diego...but I've been quoted $7000 to just correct the one breast...that's even keeping the same implant and then there's the cost of getting there!!! However if I only pay for one revision and come close to the results I may be worth it after reading about people having 3 or 4 revisions. I think you are right, it's just a matter of trading for different issues when it's all said and done and revision seems to cost more than the original procedure sadly. Best of luck to you if you go through with it! :)
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Staff and doctor made me feel comfortable and I thought would be able to address my needs of uneveness and asymmetry.

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