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I really had never considered getting a chin...

I really had never considered getting a chin implant. But because I was going to have rhinoplasty and because 2 surgeons recommended a chin augmentation, I went ahead with it.

I clearly believe that this makes my profile more appealing. My only reservations regarding the surgery were the risks of nerve damage or infection. However, the nurse told me that if for any reason I do not like the implant, it is a relatively easy process to remove it.

I have heard some say that this surgery is not very painful. However, this was not the case for me. It was much more painful than the rhinoplasty. However, if you need to lose 5 to 10 pounds in a week, this could be the surgery for you! It is day 7 post-surgery for me and I still have pain though much less than I did a week ago. I am hoping that all of the pain and discomfort will eventually go away. I also hope I can get used to having something artificial in my. One rather odd worry I have has to do with muscle cramps. I naturally have always had problems with cramps including cramps under my chin when I yawn. I don't know how it will feel when one of these cramps occurs now that I have an implant. Hopefully the implant won't make it worse, but so far I haven't had a cramp to test this.

This can definately make a positive difference to a persons profile but a person should be prepared because there will be some pain to deal with.

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Very professional with an excellent staff always available for questions or concerns.

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There was some swelling at first but it was not major. I don't even know if my friends could tell. Now (two years after surgery) it looks completely normal and natural. The front looks just like a normal chin and my smile looks normal. I had a small implant so the difference is subtle but it definitely gave my face a better "squared off" look.
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May I ask how the implant looks from the frontal view? Was it badly swollen in the beginning? I can't seem to get an understanding of what the front will look like, and what it looks like when one smiles.
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How are you doing now? I had a chin implant and lower facelift four weeks ago and am feeling numb from my bottom lip to the incision site under my chin. I am afraid of permanent numbness sp I am curious as to how much sensation has returned to you. Thanks!
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You will be glad to hear that after 11 months, my chin feels almost completely normal. Don't fret if you feel numbness or can last many months. Even after 4 months or more I was scared I would never feel normal. To my doctor's credit, he said the numbness could last a year or more because the nerves have to grow longer to accomodate the implant. These nerves grow (or stretch) very slowly so it takes them a good while. My bet is eventually, you will not even notice you ever had an implant...but be patient and don't freak out in the meantime because it could take a year or so but probably much less than that.
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Thanks... It has been almost three months and I have most of my sensation back except that I still feel tingly on my bottom lip. Thanks for your words of encouragement.
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Hi Angel3, I had a chin implant 4.5 weeks ago and have numbness from my right lower lip to my incision site under my chin. I have tingly and burny feelings that come and go....I am so worried about permanent nerve damage, I am really freaking out. How did your sensation come back to you, was it like overnight, as I don think my numbness has improved in the past month, thanks!
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